Why a Menzies Frame?

Posted on October 11, 2016 By

  • Pat creates bike frames by hand in Canada, and they are completely custom-made.

made in canada

  • He can create a road frame, mountain bike frame (26 or 29, hardtail), a track/single speed frame, a cyclocross frame, or even a triathlon frame (with ovalized aerodynamic tubes).  Because he does NOT use fixed lugs, he can make a bike to fit any size or geometry requirement.
  • Pat’s frames are light (road/track frames have typically ranged from 3.5 to 4 pounds).  By putting light components on, a Menzies bike can be as light as any other racing bike.
  • Pat’s frames are weatherproof.  He coats them inside and out with epoxy so no water, snow, slush, or anything else can get in.  He has personally ridden his frames in all conditions.
  • Bamboo is incredibly strong (check out our section on strength for more details).  Pat creates his frames by gluing the bamboo together at a miter joint first with epoxy.  He has ridden his frames at this stage of completion to test the strength of the epoxy, and even at this point they are incredibly strong.  Then, however, he wraps the joints with carbon fibre or natural fibre and coats it with another layer of epoxy.  This makes a Menzies frame so strong that even with Pat’s most aggressive riding, he has yet to dent, crack or otherwise damage one!  A Menzies frame would be the perfect mountain bike or cyclocross bike.
  • Pat can add an extra element of beauty by inlaying a stripe of wood down the centre of the frame.  Check out the section on inlaying for more details.